Frequently Asked Questions




Can I use any service providers if i'm plan managed?

Yes, having a plan manager allows you to use registered or unregistered service providers. Although the price must be within the NDIS price guide limit.

 Your Plan Manager must be NDIS registered.

Can I change Plan Managers

Yes, you have the choice and control to use any service providers you wish – including Plan Managers. Your service agreement will usually state how much notice you are required to give to your current Plan Manager if you are moving to a new Plan Manager.

How long will it take to pay my service providers?

MINDApm will make payment to service providers as soon as possible after funds are received from NDIS – usually within 24-48 hours.

In some unforeseen circumstances it may take up to 7 days.

Do I pay for my Plan Manager from my funding?

No, if you choose to have Plan Management in your plan, funds are allocated for paying your Plan Manager, separate to funds to pay your service providers.

 Plan Management in your plan will be under – Improved life choices – CB (Choice & Control).

Do I need a Plan Manager that’s local?

No, all communication and paperwork can be done by phone, text and email.