Frequently Asked Questions




What does a Plan Manager do?

A Plan Manager’s primary role is to handle all your support providers invoices and make payments on your behalf using your NDIS funding. Plan Managers will oversee all the administrative and financial tasks involved with your plan, allowing you to invest more time on accessing your supports and achieving your goals.

Your Plan Manager must be NDIS registered.

Can I use any service providers if I'm plan managed?

Yes, having a plan manager allows you to use registered or unregistered service providers. Although the service fee must be within the NDIS pricing arangements.

Your Plan Manager must be NDIS registered.

How much does Plan Management cost?

Plan Management is considered a reasonable and necessary support and is free to you.

Plan Management costs are covered by a separate NDIS funding category in your plan, so it won’t impact or reduce the funds available for your other supports.

Can I choose my service providers if I’m Plan Managed?

Yes! Plan Management allows you to use NDIS registered and unregistered providers, giving you the freedom to choose service providers that best suit your needs.

Can I change Plan Managers

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to change your Plan Manager anytime during your plan.

If you wish to change, you will need to notify your current Plan Manager and confirm an end date for their services. Be sure to have a new Plan Manager lined up to ensure a smooth transition and avoid delays in invoice payments.

If you’re considering switching to us, we can guide you through the process.

How long should it take my Plan Manager to pay a service provider?

Plan Managers are expected to validate an invoice and submit a payment request to the NDIA within 5 business days of receipt.

Once funds are received from the NDIS, Plan Managers are expected to arrange prompt payment or reimbursement within two business days.

Do I pay for my Plan Manager from my funding?

No, if you choose to have Plan Management in your plan, funds are allocated for paying your Plan Manager, separate to funds to pay your service providers.

 Plan Management in your plan will be under – Improved life choices – CB (Choice & Control).

Do I need a Plan Manager that’s local?

No, all communication and paperwork can be done by phone, text and email.

What's the difference between a Plan Manager and Support Coordinator?

Plan Managers are responsible for processing invoices for supports delivered to you and ensure that providers are charging in accordance with the NDIS pricing guidelines. A Plan Manager will assist you in monitoring your funds, tracking budgets and provide regular financial reports.

A support coordinator will help you understand and implement supports outlined in your plan. A support coordinator will connect you to local providers that best suit your needs and goals.